Healthy Yogurt Potato Salad in 5 Minutes

Healthy Yogurt Potato Salad in 5 Minutes

This is an oil-free salad for vegetarians. Somehow I can never finish a whole tub of yogurt, so I transformed the leftover into a delicious side dish.

Ingredients: Easy-to-make amount

Plain yogurt (non-fat, low-fat or anything you like)
about 100 g
Garlic powder
to taste
Salt and pepper
to taste
Dill (or any herb you like)
to taste


1. Slice peeled potatoes into quarter-rounds and place them on a heat proof dish. Microwave it for 3-4 minutes.
2. Add the A ingredients and combine with the potatoes from Step 1.
3. Garnish with pink peppercorns on top and it's done!

Story Behind this Recipe

I came up with this recipe when I was trying to think of what to do with my leftover yogurt.