Fluffy Sandwich Bread with Milk (in a Bread Machine)

Fluffy Sandwich Bread with Milk (in a Bread Machine)

This is slightly sweet and milky.
Bake some fluffy and moist bread every day.
These ingredients are simple and I did everything grams so it's easy to weigh.

Ingredients: Makes 1 Loaf. For 1.5 loaves, please refer to the steps.

210 g
Strong bread flour
250 g
30 g
Dry yeast
3 g
3 g
15~20 g


1. Put the case for your bread maker on a scale and pour in the milk. Measure out the other ingredients and add them in. Set the dough either on the soft bread or golden brown setting, and let it make the dough.
2. You can also make a low fat version. The bread will brown easily (especially with the chocolate version), so use the Sweet Bread setting if your machine has it.
3. If you don't take it out quickly, it will burn and become hard! If the crust and top burn too much, try taking the bread out 5 to 8 minutes before the baking course ends.
4. Once it has cooled down, store in a bag so it doesn't dry out. If possible, slice the bread when you need it. Don't slice it all in the beginning.
5. Marble Chocolate Version: At the mix call, add in 8 pieces of chocolate. According to the kind of chocolate bar and the timing, it might turn out as chocolate bread. I suppose it depends on your machine!
6. Chocolate Sandwich Bread Substitute 20-30 of the 250 g of bread flour with cocoa powder. You can also use matcha, etc.
7. Cheese Sandwich Bread Add in 1-4 slices of cheese. You can either do this at the mix call or at the beginning. The dough will rise really high! You can also add in cubed cheese at the end.
8. Hot Sandwiches Chocolate Banana Cheese Sandwiches are the best!
9. For a healthier version: Substitute soy milk for the milk, the sweetener for the sugar, reduce the salt to 2 g, and use 15 g of transfat free shortening for the grease.
10. Flour 270 g: Milk 220 g, Bread flour 270 g, Sugar 32 g, Yeast 3.2 g, Salt 3.2 g, Butter 21 g.
11. Flour 300 g: Milk 250 g, Bread flour 300 g, Sugar 36 g, Yeast 3.6 g, Salt 3.6 g, Butter 24 g.
12. Flour 350 g: Milk 290 g, Bread flour 350 g, Sugar 42 g, Yeast 4.2 g, Salt 4.2 g, Butter 28 g.
13. Recipe ID: 809918 is the Forever Fluffy Shaped Bread.
14. Lately I have been using a new Bread Machine. With the regular course, the dough rises too fast, creates a depression, and bakes too fast. Maybe I was putting in 38 g of sugar?
15. Instead of salt, you can use 18 grams of shio-koji! It's stays fluffy, and it seems like it's even a bit sweeter this way.
16. This is something that's been a big hit lately. I've been using 100% veggie juice!! Half veggie juice and half soy milk is also just as good. I love it.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to make the milk-flavored bread that I ate often when I was a child. After trial and error, I succeeded with this regular milk sandwich bread. This sandwich bread stays forever fluffy.