Drinking Appetizer Petit Christmas Wreath

Drinking Appetizer Petit Christmas Wreath

I cooked this dish in no time with typical ingredients at home. But I made it cute.
Would you like this as a side dish for Christmas?
The cheese is melting and delicious.

Ingredients: 1 portion

Camembert cheese
1 (about 17 g)
Gyoza dumpling skin
Pizza sauce
about 1 teaspoon
Green pepper
2 ~ 3 thin round slices
a small amount
a small amount
a small amount


1. Cut the green pepper into thin round slices. Cut the bacon into thin strips lengthwise.
2. It's easier to work over a parchment sheet lined plate. Put a small amount of water on the edge of the dumpling skin, and fold it in a little bit. Spread pizza sauce on top.
3. Arrange long strips of bacon around the circle.
4. Lay green pepper slices. To match the size, cut one part, and open them up to make larger circles. Use 2-3 slices.
5. Fold the bacon under the green pepper.
6. Put the cheese in the middle, and bake on the parchment sheet, then it's done. I garnished with corn and parsley at the end so that the cheese settles on top.

Story Behind this Recipe

I can only make something easy, so at least I wanted make this dish cute.
Great as a side dish for Christmas.
This is a sister recipe version of "Drinking Appetizer Petit Short Cake" (Recipe ID: 1154377)