Chewy Steamed Bread

Chewy Steamed Bread

This is an easy recipe where all you need to do is to mix and steam. You can change the ingredients and enjoy different flavors as well. The ones in the front are the kabocha squash flavor and the ones at the back are the strawberry syrup flavor.

Ingredients: 4 buns

(A) Cake flour
120 g
(A) Rice flour
30 g
(A) Sugar
15 g
(A) Baking powder
5 g
(B) Mayonnaise
1-2 tablespoons
(B) Skim milk powder (optional)
10 g
※ (B) Water
100 ml
- Pumpkin bread -
Pumpkin paste
50 g
a little less than 50 ml
- Strawberry bread -
Strawberry flavored snow cone syrup
60 ml
50 ml


1. - The basic steamed bread batter - In a bowl, combine the A ingredients and mix well using a whisk. Add the B ingredients in a measuring cup and mix well. Mix A and B together.
2. Pour the batter in the aluminum cupcake cups and place them in the piping hot steamer. Steam them over high heat for about 10 minutes and it is done. This is the basic (plain) steamed bread.
3. - Pumpkin steamed bread - Add the pumpkin paste in the basic batter. Check the moisture of the paste and adjust the amount of the water that you add.
4. Mix the mayonnaise into the pumpkin paste. If you decide not to mix with the paste, you can add it to the water instead. Steam the bread in the same way as Step 2.
5. - Strawberry flavored steamed bread - Adjust the amount of water depending on the amount of the strawberry syrup, and combine them with the mayonnaise. Otherwise, make the batter the same way as the basic batter. Steam the bread in the same way as Step 2.

Story Behind this Recipe

I had leftover snow cone syrup and leftover pumpkin paste and wondered if I could use these up in the steamed bread.