Stir Fried Natto and Chopped Udon Noodles with Sesame Oil

Stir Fried Natto and Chopped Udon Noodles with Sesame Oil

Try this for a change-of-pace weekend lunch. Chop up the udon noodles roughly so that the natto coats them more easily. Easy to eat and different! Eat with a metal or ceramic ramen spoon!

Ingredients: 1 serving

Natto (fermented soy beans) with the sauce that comes with it
1 pack
Udon noodles
1 pack
Nori seaweed
To taste
Easily-melted cheese
1 slice
Chopped green onions, optional
Sesame oil
1 teaspoon x 3 lots
Ground sesame seeds
To taste
Salt and pepper
To taste
Soy sauce
To taste


1. Chop up the cabbage into small pieces.
2. Cut the udon noodle bundle into 9 pieces.
3. Mix the natto, the sauce that comes with it, and 1 teaspoon of sesame oil together.
4. Heat another teaspoon of sesame oil in a frying pan. Add the udon noodles and cabbage and stir fry. Season with a pinch of salt, some pepper and a teaspoon of soy sauce.
5. Add the natto and easily-melted cheese. As soon as the cheese has melted, transfer to a serving plate.
6. Rip up the nori seaweed, sprinkle on top of the udon noodles with some ground sesame seeds and chopped green onions. Drizzle with the remaining teaspoon of sesame oil and enjoy.

Story Behind this Recipe

I love natto! But it's hard to use with noodles since they don't mix well together... So I used fried soba noodles with fried rice as inspiration.