Rice Ball Girl With Cropped Hair Charaben

Rice Ball Girl With Cropped Hair Charaben

Make a rice ball that looks like a little girl with cute, cropped hair!
You can easily make her with just some nori!

Ingredients: one 18 cm tart

Hot cooked rice
About half a rice bowl
Nori seaweed
to taste
to taste


1. Cut out the nori in the shape of her hair. Cut in lines into the nori, as shown (see picture).
2. Wrap the nori around a rice ball and wrap with plastic wrap. Press to keep it all together.
3. All the facial parts are made with nori!
4. I used these punch-out tools! From the left is the eyes, nose, and mouth. For the mouth, I cut off the ends of what the puncher produced to make it a little shorter.
5. Attach the facial parts onto the rice ball and add tiny dabs of ketchup for the cheeks to finish!
6. Give your little rice ball girl any expression you'd like!

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to try making a little rice ball girl with a cute bob hair cut and cropped bangs.