My Version of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

My Version of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

Finally it's complete! The best combo.
The margarine gives it a fluffy and unique flavor that makes you say, "That's it!" Each Step has a photo to explain.


3 g
Bread (strong) flour
200 g
Cake flour
50 g
30 g
Powdered milk
10 g
Baking powder
8 g
1 egg
190ml combined with the milk and egg
50 g
Dry yeast
6 g
Oil for frying (use fresh oil)
As much as necessary


1. Add everything from the salt to the baking powder into the bread machine's pan. In a measuring cup, add the milk and the egg and mix. Add water and then add the mixture to the bread machine. Set the bread machine to the dough making course and let it run till the first rising is done.
2. Measure the margarine in the same measuring cup. After five minutes, add it into the bread machine. Put the yeast in the yeast dispenser. If your machine does not have a yeast dispenser, then put it directly into the pan.
3. Take the dough out and punch it down. Divide it into 16 portions and let them sit for 10 minutes. If it's cold, make it 15 minutes. in order to keep the dough from drying out, cover it with a tightly wrung out towel.
4. Form the dough by coating your finger with flour and poking a hole in the center of the dough, opening it up. At first use your middle finger, and then gently use your fingers in a circular motion to form it.
5. Once the hole has opened up, use two fingers in a circular motion. If the dough loses it's shape, mash it back together and gently start again.
6. Cut up parchment paper into individual squares for the dough. The doughnuts will expand so be sure to make them large. Let the dough rise a second time for 40 minutes at 40℃. Once the dough has doubled in size, it's ready.
7. Once they are about this size, they are ready. Fry each size for 30 seconds each in 180℃ oil.
8. How to put the doughnuts into the oil. If the beauty of the doughnuts when they're freshly done is important, the parchment paper is the key. This is safe because it keeps the oil from splattering, but throw away the paper afterwards.
9. If you are being more economical, gently drop the dough in right above the oil moving it left to right. This way you can reuse the paper. Just wipe the oil that splatters up and store the paper for next time.
10. Once you put them in, using cooking chopsticks, move the doughnuts around in circular motions. Because the dough has risen, even holes that weren't perfect will look better after frying.
11. The cooking time is 30 seconds for each side. If they are done or darkened before that, your oil is too hot. If they are not a golden brown color your oil temperature is too low.
12. To drain off the excess oil, I used an old cereal box. Once they are all done frying, add the vanilla glaze. For how to make it, refer to Recipe ID: #1176794
13. They're also delicious topped with chocolate syrup or maple syrup.
14. If they have cooled, you can heat them up in a toaster oven for 2 minutes. After that, let them sit for 2 minutes. The middle will be soft and the glaze will be crispy and soft.

Story Behind this Recipe

I tried many different combinations to make these and finally arrived at these Krispy Kreme-style doughnuts.