Sweet Taiwanese Sun Cakes Taiyanpin

Sweet Taiwanese Sun Cakes Taiyanpin

These are Taiwanese sun cakes (pronounced "tai-an-pin" in Chinese). It's a popular souvenir from Taiwan. The sun cakes from Taichung City are rather famous.

Ingredients: 15 cakes

For the outer dough:
Bread (strong) flour
75 g
Cake flour
75 g
Butter (softened to room temperature)
55 g
20 g
70 ml
For the inner dough:
Cake flour
110 g
Butter (softened to room temperature)
50 g
For the sugar an paste:
200 g
70 g
15 ml
Butter (softened to room temperature)
45 g
Cake flour
80 g


1. Place all of the ingredients for the outer dough into a bowl, add water, and mix together with a rubber spatula. After it has come together, knead it with your hands until smooth. Tightly wring out a wet towel after the dough has become smooth, cover with the towel, and let sit.
2. Place the inner dough ingredient cake flour and butter into a bowl, and stir well. Knead the dough until butter blends in completely and the dough becomes smooth.
3. Separate 20 g of the outer dough and 10 g inner dough, and wrap the inner dough with the outer dough into a mochi-like shape. Firmly seal the seam (I sealed it like nikuman this time), place the seam downwards, and stretch out into a rectangle with a rolling pin. Then, roll it up from the front like an @ mark.
4. Roll it up once more like an @ mark, and the Chinese oil skin is ready. Place all of the ingredients for the sugar an paste into a bowl, and mix well with a rubber spatula. Knead by hand until it completely blends together. Separate 25 g for each cake.
5. Stretch out the dough from Step 3 in your hand and then, roll a rolling pin back and forth until it forms a thin circle. Then, spread out the an paste from Step 4, and wrap it up like nikuman. (Shown in the bottom part of the photo is Chinese oil skin, and the sugar an paste is shown spread out on top.)
6. Press in the an paste with your thumb while tucking in the creases, place the overlapping crease downwards after wrapping it up and lightly press it flat with the palm of your hand, and light roll it out into an 8 cm long oblong, roll it around, and stretch it out.
7. Arrange them up on a baking sheet, and bake in an oven preheated to 160℃ for 18 minutes. (Make sure not to let them brown! They should be white like the sun.)
8. This is a cross section of one.

Story Behind this Recipe

I referred to a book entitled "Reaching Tenshin" by Taiwanese pros Jyun-yu Yu and Shiun Ou.