Creamy Persimmon Pudding

Creamy Persimmon Pudding

Persimmon are really great because they can stiffen without using gelatin. This is a simple dessert that can be made using what you have at home.


as desired
half the persimmon
Condensed milk (or sugar)
as desired


1. Skin the persimmon, remove the seeds, and use a food processor, hand mixer, etc to puree.
2. Add milk to the pureed persimmon. It should be about half (or so) the amount of the puree. Add your desired amount of condensed milk for sweetness and mix well.
3. Place into a container, refrigerate to stiffen, and it's complete.
4. If using a blender: medium sized -> 1 persimmon is 185 g (140 g with skin peeled). Large sized -> 1 persimmon is 250 g (190 g with skin peeled).
5. For a medium-sized persimmon, use about 140 ml of milk per 1. For a large sized one, 190 ml. As for the condensed milk and sugar, whatever suits your tastes.

Story Behind this Recipe

I made a persimmon shake. I noticed that the leftover persimmon in the mixer had stiffened, so that's how I thought of this.