Fish Sausage Flower

Fish Sausage Flower

Braid a fish sausage to make a cute flower.
Try this in a decorated bento lunchbox!


Fish sausage
as needed


1. Take long thin slices off a fish sausage using a vegetable peeler. If the slices are too thin they will break easily.
2. Make cuts in the slices so you can braid it.
3. The start of the braid looks like this. Braid it fairly tightly while folding the slices over each other.
4. If the braided ends are different lengths, cut them off evenly.
5. Start rolling up the braids from from the ends. If it's hard to roll, try flipping it over to roll.
6. Secure with a pick and it's done.
7. Sometimes the ends come undone.
8. Please also see Recipe ID: 1058996 - Fish Sausage Strawberries.
9. Here it is as an accent in a bento lunchbox.

Story Behind this Recipe

I was thinking of things to make for bentos. I remembered making chikuwa fish stick flowers, and thought I could make them with fish sausages too.