When You Just Need a Little Pastry Cream

When You Just Need a Little Pastry Cream

This make one large ramekin worth of pastry cream (custard). How about using it on bread, in cream puffs, or on crepes? It's made in the microwave.


20 to 25 g
Cake flour
25 g
35 to 40 g
125 ml
Vanilla oil (or vanilla essence)
a small amount
5 g
Condensed milk (optional)
5 g


1. Put the cake flour and sugar in a heatproof bowl and mix well. (This prevents lumps from forming.) Add the milk little by little while mixing well. Microwave for 1 minute without covering with plastic wrap.
2. Take it out, mix well, microwave for 1 minute, mix well, microwave for 1 minute, add the egg and mix very well, microwave for 30 seconds, add the vanilla oil or essence and mix well.
3. When the pastry cream is finished, place a piece of plastic wrap directly on top of the cream to prevent drying out.
4. If you add a little condensed milk to finish, it will have a very creamy flavor.
5. For 30 g of egg, use 30 g of cake flour, 45 g sugar, 150 ml milk and 10 g butter.
6. It's plain and unfancy, but here I wrapped the pastry cream in a crepe. It's filled with banana and almonds in caramel, and the pastry cream.
7. To make this crepe: caramelize 1 tablespoon of sugar in a frying pan. When it has started to brown, add slices almonds and mix, then add 1/4 a banana and coat with the caramel.
8. Spread some pastry cream on a crepe, add the caramelized bananas, and fold the crepe over the filling to finish.
9. "My daughter loves this custard filled bun" Recipe ID: 1205099.

Story Behind this Recipe

This is a way to use up the egg left over from my recipe "When you just need a little crepe batter" Recipe ID: 1260679.