Sweet Cream Cheese Yogurt with Fruit

Sweet Cream Cheese Yogurt with Fruit

Serve this sweet and sour cream cheese yogurt with fruit for dessert I served with pears as shown in the top photo.


Fruit of your liking (I served with pears as shown in the photo)
Cream cheese (individually wrapped)
1 (18 g)
Strained yogurt (firmer one)
60 g
2 teaspoons
Lemon juice
1/2-1 teaspoon
Umeshu or similar for a more sophisticated taste
to taste


1. Strain the yogurt beforehand. I placed paper towel wrapped weight over the yogurt to strain well and make it firmer.
2. I often use this individually wrapped cream cheese. I used it for my other non-sweet cream cheese yogurt recipes.
3. Bring the cream cheese to room temperature to make it soft. Mix the cream cheese and strained yogurt well. Mix until smooth.
4. Add the honey and lemon juice, and mix. You made the sweet cream cheese yogurt. Add umeshu if serving to adults.
5. Cut the fruit into bite-sized pieces. I sliced the pear, shown on the top photo, into 3-5 mm slices then cut into bite-sized pieces.
6. Mix the fruit and sweet cream cheese yogurt well, and it's done Instead of that, try adding the fruit and cream cheese yogurt in layers in a serving dish. I think that would be nice as well.
7. Of course regular bananas very well with the yogurt too.
8. Spread the extra cream cheese yogurt on a slice of thinly buttered toast.
9. You can enjoy the sweet cream cheese yogurt as dessert, it tastes like no-baked cheesecake. It's thick and creamy!

Story Behind this Recipe

When I was eating user JohnLeeCooker's "Matcha Tiramisu-style Toast" recipe, I realized, "I've never made a sweet version of the cream cheese yogurt!" I got the idea by referring to that recipe, so very much, JohnLeeCooker!! I appreciate it so much!