Easy Square Onigiri Rice Balls

Easy Square Onigiri Rice Balls

Square onigiri? They aren't difficult to make! Pack the corners of your bento box securely to bring along with you!!


Square mold
Milk carton
Plastic wrap
20 to 25 cm square pieces, 1 piece per onigiri
The ingredient amounts below vary depending on how many onigiri you're making.
Hot cooked rice
For 5 to 6 onigiri, about 2 rice cooker cups' worth before cooking
a small amount (optional)
Nori seaweed
full sheets, as needed (cut into quarters, into 3 cm strips, etc.)
Anything you like
Use about 1 heaping teaspoon of filling per onigiri
Umeboshi plums, flaked salted salmon, konbu tsukudani etc.
to taste


1. Cut the milk carton about 3 cm from the bottom.
2. Cover with plastic wrap.
3. Mound in the rice. (Optionally add salt to the rice beforehand. If you are adding a lot of filling you don't need the salt.)
4. Make a dent in the middle.
5. Add the filling.
6. Cover with plastic wrap.
7. Pack down gently. If you want firm onigiri, press down firmly.
8. Done!
9. Optionally wrap with nori seaweed (The filling here is umeboshi).
10. If you want to wrap the whole onigiri with nori seaweed, use 1/4 a sheet and place on top of the onigiri.
11. Wrap.
12. (The filling here is flaked salted salmon.) Since you can see the filling, I think just wrapping the onigiri on one side with nori is fine...
13. (The filling here is konbu tsukudani.)
14. Recipe ID: 1302909 is rectangular onigiri.
15. Recipe ID: 1304858 is for small square onigiri.

Story Behind this Recipe

Onigiri don't have to be triangular! You can make them round or cylindrical!
And you can make them square too!