Easy Sparkling Golden Apples Simmered in Wine

Easy Sparkling Golden Apples Simmered in Wine

I simply simmered apple slices in white wine. The lemongrass adds a refreshing flavor, and the apples are a golden color.

Ingredients: 4 servings or so

Baking apples such as Jonathan (or any type you have is fine)
White wine (cheap wine is fine)
400 ml
Light brown sugar (or white sugar)
30 g
Five 5 cm long pieces


1. Cut the apples into 8 wedges each and peel (or cut them into any size you like.) Put them in one layer, if at all possible on the bottom of an enamel pan.
2. Cut up the lemongrass, and put into a fillable tea bag. (The lemongrass here is homegrown).
3. Add the wine, light brown sugar and lemongrass to the pan. Simmer for at least 15 minutes over medium-low heat.
4. I just finished one bottle of wine, so I opened another. I used a mixture of Suntory Delica wine and a German wine. Both were around 300 yen each.
5. Recipe ID: 1263145 "Easy! Grown-up fall colored apples simmered in wine" has a pretty color.
6. Try using equal parts of white and red wine to simmer, the color will be somewhere in between.
7. If you add cloves and cinnamon, it will take on a delicious aroma.

Story Behind this Recipe

When I was simmering some apples in white wine, I was suddenly inspired and came up with this recipe. Lemongrass adds a refreshing lemony flavor even without lemons; plus, it changes the apples to a light, bright golden color. Serve this as dessert after a Christmas dinner.