Yuzu Miso That's Good for You

Yuzu Miso That's Good for You

Yuzu has many beneficial properties. It's said to be good for your health and your complexion, and is even said to stimulate brain activity and reduce stress. We should all eat a little of it every day.

Ingredients: The photo shows twice the amount indicated in the recipe

Yellow yuzu
Miso of your choice - blended miso or white miso etc.
60 g
● Sugar
40 g
● Sake
1 tablespoon
● Mirin
1 teaspoon


1. Sterilize the storage container in boiling water, and leave to dry completely.
2. Massage the yuzu with salt to remove any chemicals or wax on the surface. Put into boiling water for a few seconds, take out and leave to drain and dry completely.
3. Slice the yuzu and take out the seeds. Put into a pan with enough water to cover, and simmer while removing any scum.
4. When the water has reduced by half turn off the heat. Blend into a smooth puree in a food processor or with a stick blender. Be careful not to burn yourself.
5. Return the purée to the pan and simmer again. Add the ● ingredients and mix into a smooth paste.
6. The paste has a tendency to burn easily, so don't stop mixing it. When the sugar has melted and the paste is smooth and shiny it's done.
7. I think I made it so that it's not that sweet, but everyone's tastes differ for please adjust to your preference.
8. Grill Japanese leek over a flame and serve with the yuzu miso. It's a drinking appetizer for adults.
9. Serve the yuzu miso with daikon radish that has been simply simmered in dashi stock. You can also use the yuzu miso with raw or cooked vegetables, grilled fish, and so on.
10. If you don't like any bitterness at all, either take off all the white pith before simmering the yuzu, or bring the water to a boil at Step 3 and throw the water away, filling up with fresh water and bringing to a boil again (repeat 2-3 times).
11. The bitterness and tannic aspects contain nutrition, so I use all the yuzu. Even if you use the whole yuzu, it's surprisingly low in bitterness.
12. Put the seeds in white liquor (alcohol) and use as an astringent on your face. If you add a lot of seeds it becomes a moisturizer. It has plenty of vitamin C.
13. Please see "For Health and Beauty: My Mother's Easy Yuzu Tea" also (Recipe ID: 1273808).
14. "Yuzu Curd Made With Yuzu Tea (Butter Spread)" (Recipe ID: 1273814).

Story Behind this Recipe

I received some homemade yuzu miso a long time ago that was delicious, so I made my own version (sweetened just the way I like itI You may need to adjust my version too, depending on the types of miso and sugar you use.