Yuzu Curd Made of Yuzu Tea Base (Use as a Spread)

Yuzu Curd Made of Yuzu Tea Base (Use as a Spread)

This is higher in calories than jam, but maybe you can count on the healthy benefits of yuzu (encourages digestion, lowers cholesterol, increases circulation, etc.) to cancel them out.


Yuzu tea base
150 g
(See my yuzu tea base recipe:)
Recipe ID: 1273808
●Egg yolks
●Maple syrup (or honey, or you can leave both out)
2 tablespoons
●Unsalted butter
60 g
If you are making this with fresh yuzu rather than yuzu tea base, use the ingredients below instead of the yuzu tea base plus the ● ingredients listed above.
Yellow (ripe) yuzu
80 g (adjust to your taste and the size of the yuzu)


1. Sterilize the storage jar in boiling water beforehand, and dry completely.
2. Only if you are using fresh yuzu fruit: Rub the surface of the yuzu with salt to clean, rinse in water, submerge the yuzu briefly in boiling water and drain.
3. If you are using fresh yuzu citrus: Put the de-seeded yuzu, peel, insides and all into a heavy pan. Add water to cover, and heat.
4. Please skim off any scum.
5. Only if you are using fresh yuzu: When the water reduces to about 1/3 of its original amount, transfer the contents of the pan to a food processor and puree. (I used a handheld stick blender right in the pan this time.)
6. If using a food processor, return the puree to the pan. Reheat.
7. (From this point on the instructions are for both if making this from fresh yuzu, or using the yuzu tea base.) Simmer over low heat. If you're using yuzu tea base and it's a bit stiff, add 1 tablespoon of water.
8. Add all the ● ingredients. Mix with a spatula so that it doesn't burn. Heat until everything is well blended and shiny, and it's done. (The mixture will be quite soft at this stage.)
9. The curd is rather liquid when it's freshly made, but it's still delicious. It will become thicker when it cools. Serve with chiffon cake or soufflé cheesecake.
10. It's perfect with yogurt too. Keep in the refrigerator when it has cooled, and eat it up as soon as you can.
11. This is how it looks the next day. It's thick and has a spread-like consistency. It's really rich, and has a different deep taste compared to jam.
12. Serve on toaste or baguettes. I recommend this the most.
13. The yuzu seeds can be put into alcohol (white liqueur, or a similar high alcohol base like vodka) and used as a skin freshener. If you add a lot of seeds, the liquid will become creamy and become a skin conditioner. Increase the collagen in your skin with the benefits of vitamin C.
14. Please see Recipe ID: 1273808 "For Health and Beauty! My Mother's Safe and Easy Yuzu Tea Base"
15. See also: "Yuzu Miso That's Good for You" Recipe ID: 1273822.
16. If you don't like the bitterness, take out the pith from the insides of the peel with a spoon, or blanch the peel 1-2 times after shredding. This makes the yuzu very mild. I like to use the whole fruit for nutritional purposes, so I leave the pith as is.

Story Behind this Recipe

I once heard that curd can be made with any citrus fruit and not just lemons, so I modified the recipe I got for lemon curd. I like the flavor of maple syrup and so I added it here, but it's delicious without it too. Please adjust the sweetness to your taste.