Foolproof White Sauce

Foolproof White Sauce

This is a foolproof white sauce. You won't fail with this recipe! It's additive-free and has a mild taste, but it's flavorful and goes well with anything.

Ingredients: 200 ml

200 ml
30 g
2 tablespoons
to taste
White pepper
to taste


1. Put the butter in a pot, and melt it, being careful not to burn it.
2. Add the flour to Step 1, and cook over low heat using a wooden spatula. From now on, mix the bottom of the pot constantly!
3. Continue cooking until it's no longer floury and it becomes runny and white. It will look like the picture in Step 4.
4. When the mixture becomes white and smooth, add 1/2 of the milk, and warm it up.
5. When the mixture lumps together, add the remaining milk, and warm it up.
6. Switch from the wooden spatula to a whisk, and mix well.
7. Cook through completely, mix, and when the mixture becomes smooth, it's done!
8. I used this for one of the main sauces for lasagna.

Story Behind this Recipe

I want my kids to eat additive-free food! This recipe was created with the love of a mother. You can cook this in no time with an amount of ingredients that is easy to work with.
This all-purpose white sauce goes well with croquettes, lasagna, stew, risotto, and any other dishes. This comes in handy when I make my kids' favourite dishes!