Easy Rolled-Up Ham for Lunchboxes

Easy Rolled-Up Ham for Lunchboxes

When you don't have time to cook one more item for lunchboxes, these space fillers are a lifesaver!
No picks or toothpicks are needed to secure these rolls. Just add one of these flowers, and you'll have an instantly upgraded lunch!

Ingredients: 1 flower

1 slice
Spaghetti strand (uncooked)
2 cm piece


1. This is all you need (plus a knife!).
2. Make shallow cuts in the ham, about 0.5 cm apart.
3. Make the cuts along the grain of the ham. If you cut against the grain, the 'petals' of the flower will break.
4. Fold the ham over loosely. Be careful not to break the fold! You can't see it properly in this picture, but the cuts are there.
5. Roll the ham from the end, and secure with a spaghetti strand. Twist it so that it doesn't tear, but fairly tightly like the photo.
6. Break off the strand that's sticking out. Slice off the bottom of the ham so that it's even.
7. Done. Pack them into gaps in your lunch boxes.
8. It looks like this in a bento. It really makes it more festive, doesn't it?
9. Your lunch box will look even more eye-catching with two flowers laid in side by side.
10. You can make these flowers easily with thinly-sliced ham. They're actually better suited to this than expensive, thickly-cut ham.
11. This ham isn't that grainy so it doesn't break easily. But it's really very thin, so the flower 'petals' are pretty wavy. It still resulted in a neat flower.

Story Behind this Recipe

I saw these flowers in a bento lunchbox posted on someone's blog a long time ago, and have been making them myself ever since.
When there's a gap in a bento but there's no time to cook something else, these are so useful.