Cheap Meat Is Transformed! Meat-Wrapped Fried Aburaage

Cheap Meat Is Transformed! Meat-Wrapped Fried Aburaage

Even cheap meat, which tends to be tough, becomes juicy thanks to the simmered and moist aburaage (fried tofu skin)!!! The aburaage also increases the volume of the meat.


Thinly sliced beef
about 200 g
about 2 to 3 pieces
★ Sugar
1 tablespoon
★ Soy sauce
1 tablespoon
★ Water
3 tablespoons
Plain flour
a small amount


1. Sprinkle about 2 pinches of sugar (not included in the ingredient list) over the beef while it's still in the pack, and massage it in.
2. Cut the aburaage in half. Spread the beef slices out, top each slice with a piece of aburaage, and roll up from the edge. (I used thick aburaage so I cut it in half.)
3. Once the rolls are done, dust them with flour.
4. Heat some oil in a frying pan, put the beef rolls in seam-side down, and brown on all sides.
5. When the rolls are browned, add the combined ingredients marked ★ to the pan and put the lid on. Steam-cook for 5 minutes. When the rolls are cooked through, turn up the heat and reduce the sauce.
6. If you turn the rolls over halfway through the steam-cooking step, the rolls will cook evenly.
7. If you're using regular thin aburaage you can roll up a whole sheet rather than cutting it in half. This is a roll I made earlier using 1 sheet. The spiral pattern looks prettier this way.

Story Behind this Recipe

Cheap meat does get rather tough... but my wallet says I have to work with that! So, I tried combining it with aburaage to make it juicy.