Luxurious Vanilla Milk Blancmange

Luxurious Vanilla Milk Blancmange

Vanilla beans make this super delicious.
And it's easy... why not treat yourself to something extravagant once in a while?

Ingredients: Makes 4 jars + a little extra for tasting

200 g
Heavy cream
100 g
Granulated sugar
40 g
Vanilla beans
6 cm
3 g
15 g


1. Soak the gelatin in water. Use the microwave or a hot water bath to completely dissolve the gelatin.
2. Heat milk, heavy cream, granulated sugar, and the vanilla beans in a pot.
3. When it starts to boil around the edges, remove from heat, add gelatin, and mix.
4. Strain into a bowl. The vanilla beans are likely to sink to the bottom, so put the bowl into another bowl with cold water (ice water) to chill while it thickens.
5. Pour into jars and refrigerate until firm. (It takes awhile to set, so you might want to make it the day before).
6. Done... topping it with whipped cream is delicious too.
7. Here I made blancmange in heart-shaped cups.

Story Behind this Recipe

I added vanilla beans to my usual milk blancmange recipe and the flavor turned out really rich... my family always uses this recipe.