Roast Beef using a Clay Pot

Roast Beef using a Clay Pot

Cooked for an hour with the residual heat of a clay pot, the finished roast beef was pink but not too rare.

Ingredients: 4 servings

Uses a clay pot and 2 Ziploc bags.
Beef round (block)
300 to 350 g
As needed
Coarsely ground black pepper
As needed
Vegetable oil
1 tablespoon
Garlic (crushed)
5 tablespoons
2 tablespoons
*Soy sauce
2 tablespoons
1 tablespoon
1 teaspoon
*Red chili pepper (cut in half)
*Bay leaves
1 leaf


1. Sprinkle salt and pepper over the beef and rest for 10 minutes.
2. Put the * ingredients in a small pan over medium heat, and boil for 1 minute to make the marinating sauce.
3. Add vegetable oil and garlic in a frying pan and stir fry over medium heat. Take out the fried garlic and add to the sauce made in Step 2.
4. Put the frying pan from Step 3 over high heat, and fry the beef from Step 1 until well browned - about 1 minute on each side.
5. Put the marinated sauce and the beef in a Ziploc bag. Press the air out and close tightly.
6. Put the bag from Step 5 into another Ziploc bag for second layer.
7. Fill about 80% of the clay pot with water and boil. Turn off the heat and remove from the stove. Add the bag from Step 6.
8. Leave the closed end of the Ziploc bag outside and cover with a lid. Cook with retained heat for an hour. Using a wet towel, cool the edge of the clay pot.
9. After an hour, take the meat out from the clay pot. Do not cut it immediately! Make sure to let it cool inside the Ziploc bag.
10. After letting it cool, remove it from the marinating sauce and slice thinly.
11. Boil the marinating sauce again and reduce it to prepare the sauce to serve with the meat.
12. Done ♪

Story Behind this Recipe

Easily done using the residual heat of the clay pot.