Simple Fall Colored Wine Simmered Apples

Simple Fall Colored Wine Simmered Apples

I always get the urge to make this in the autumn season. A classy dessert for adults.

Ingredients: +4 servings

Jonathan apples (or any variety)
2 apples
Red wine (cheap wine is OK)
2 cups (400 ml)
Light brown sugar (or sugar)
50 g
Lemon (omit if using Jonathan apples)
a squeeze


1. Cut the apples into 8 pieces and peel (cut them as big as you like).
2. In a pot, arrange the apples either on top of each other or, line the pot with as best as you can.
3. Add the wine and the light brown sugar. Simmer on mid to low heat for at least 15 minutes or until they are well cooked.
4. Once the apples have developed a good color, sprinkle with lemon juice and they are done.
5. Adding a cup (200 ml) of red wine and a cup (200 ml) of white wine will create a gentle fall colored wine that looks like rose wine. It's more like a pastel pink color.
6. As for the wine, I used a 300 yen bottle (750 ml).
7. Or try this apple compote with white wine and an accent of lemongrass Recipe ID: 1274336

Story Behind this Recipe

As it becomes fall, I yearn for autumn foliage colored apples.