A Flavor of Fall: Sweet Chestnut Rice ~ With Instructions for Peeling Chestnuts~

A Flavor of Fall: Sweet Chestnut Rice ~ With Instructions for Peeling Chestnuts~

The key to this recipe is the secret ingredient! It really brings out the sweetness of the chestnuts. Everyone in my family said it was delicious.

Ingredients: 4 to 5 servings

Uncooked white rice
540 ml
450 ml
3 tablespoons
3 tablespoons
1 scant teaspoon (3 g)
Chestnuts (after peeling)
300 g


1. As soon as you buy chestnuts and take them home, soak in boiling water with about 1% salt. Leave for 1/2 to 1 full day.
2. Make a cut into the bottom of each chestnut.
3. If you use your knife the right way from the cut, so that the skin can come off easily, you can peel with your fingers.
4. Here, it's peeled in no time.
5. Put the peeled chestnuts with their inner skins on in a plastic bag. Calculate 15 seconds per chestnut, and microwave at 600 W! I had 30 chestnuts, so I microwaved them for a little more than 5 minutes.
6. After they are microwaved, keep the chestnuts in the steam-filled bag so that they don't dry out. They're easier to peel if they are slightly moistened.
7. If you want to get all the tedious peeling done in one go, you can deal with all the chestnuts you bought and freeze them! They'll increase in sweetness for 2 to 3 weeks!
8. Cook the rice! Put all the ingredients in a rice cooker and turn the switch on! After it's cooked, mix it up a bit from the bottom and then leave to steam in residual heat for about 5 minutes for best results!

Story Behind this Recipe

I make chestnut rice every year. It's easy but gets rave reviews, so I wrote down the recipe.