Our Family's French Toast.

Our Family's French Toast.

It's a sweet and golden brown French toast. You can make it in just a few minutes easily! Perfect for a late breakfast on your days off.

Ingredients: 1 to 2 servings

Sliced bread
2 slices
20 g
30 to 50 ml
Butter or margarine
To taste
Maple syrup etc.
To taste


1. Mix the egg, sugar and milk together, and pour into a shallow container. (The photo shows triple the amount of the recipe!)
2. Put each slice of bread in the egg-milk mixture, 20 seconds per side. Adjust the soaking time to taste.
3. Heat some oil in a frying pan, and pan-fry the bread over medium-high heat.
4. When one side is golden brown, turn it over and pan fry the other side.
5. When the other side is browned too, transfer to serving plates, spread with butter, and they're done! Add some maple syrup, honey, etc. to taste.

Story Behind this Recipe

My mother used to make this French toast when I was growing up.
In our house it's our standard late breakfast on the weekends.