Super Delicious Beef Stew Made with Homemade Roux

Super Delicious Beef Stew Made with Homemade Roux

This beef stew uses homemade roux, but it's easier to make than you would think! You'll be surprised by how authentic it tastes!

Ingredients: 4 to 5 servings

Beef tendons
500 g
2 medium
1 large
Mixed mushrooms
1 package
1 head
☆ Demi-glace sauce
60 g
Cake flour
6 tablespoons
Ketchup, Japanese Worcestershire-style sauce, red wine
9 tablespoons each
450 ml
Consommé soup stock cubes
2 cubes
2 squares


1. Make demi-glace sauce. Follow the easy steps to make the sauce in Recipe ID: 1158508! Make sure you read the Helpful Hints for that recipe too!
2. I used beef tendons this time ♪ Add 3 0g of butter (not listed) to the pressure cooker and add the meat (cut into bite-size pieces and sprinkled with salt and pepper). Stir fry until the meat changes color.
3. Cut the vegetables into fairly large pieces. Add to the pressure cooker and stir fry.
4. When the vegetables are cooked, add 400 ml each of water and red wine (not listed in the ingredients) and 2 soup stock cubes. Lock on the a lid and pressure cook. The cooking time is up to you.
5. Add demi-glace roux and cook over medium heat to reduce the sauce, stirring to prevent burning at the bottom of the pot. It's done! Yay!
6. The photo shows the stew after I added the roux and reduced the sauce while stirring over medium-high heat for about 30 minutes Finally, wash the broccoli, microwave, and add to the stew.
7. While you're boiling down the sauce, taste it. If it's too acidic, add a tablespoon each of jam and mirin.

Story Behind this Recipe

This is a variation of my demi-glace sauce recipe. I bought a pressure cooker, so I decided to make this.
It was so delicious, I couldn't wait to eat it!!