"Bear's School" Jacky Character Bento

"Bear's School" Jacky Character Bento

This is the mischievous Jacky from the "Bear's School" picture book!

Ingredients: 1 Jacky

Plain cooked rice
about 1 small rice bowl's worth
● Mentsuyu noodle sauce
as needed
Black sesame seeds
About 20 seeds
Nori seaweed
as needed
as needed
Wiener sausages
as needed


1. Mix the rice with the ● ingredients, wrap in plastic wrap, and shape into balls for the head and ears.
2. [Parts] Flowers: sausages. Line on the head: sesame seeds. Eyes: nori. Nose, mouth: nori and cheese.
3. Assemble the rice balls in the bento box. You can use dry pasta to secure the ears to the head.
4. Attach the parts and it's ready!

Story Behind this Recipe

This was a request from Miru-chan!