Easy Rich Chocolate Pudding!

Easy Rich Chocolate Pudding!

You can make this surprisingly rich desert from ingredients you always have around the kitchen!
This pudding isn't very jiggly, but is very soft and smooth.

Ingredients: 4

Gelatin powder
5 g
45 ml
280 to 330 ml
Pure cocoa powder
13 to 15 g
40 g
When using regular cocoa powder
use 50 g and add no sugar


1. Add water and gelatin powder in a small bowl and let the gelatin soak.
2. Next put cocoa and sugar, plus a little milk (25 to 30 ml), in a bowl and mix thoroughly with a whisk.
3. Heat up the remaining milk until just about to boil. You can use a microwave, and then add in step 1 and dissolve completely.
4. Add a little of the mixture from step 2 to step 3, and mix it well. Continue to add the mixture from step 2, but make sure it does not form any lumps. If lumps form you will need to strain the mixture.
5. Let it cool.
6. Pour the pudding into molds of your choice, then let it cool and harden in the refrigerator and it's all done.
8. I made these using silicon molds I bought at a dollar store.
9. A heart shape is cute too.
10. This is pudding made with 340 ml of milk and 13 g of pure cocoa after I let it sit in the refrigerator overnight in the mold.
11. I have a "Chocolate Coffee Pudding" recipe, Recipe ID: 2246615.

Story Behind this Recipe

I personally love chocolate, so I tried making chocolate pudding.
My daughter hates milk and my son loves it, but both of them love this snack so it's become a regular at our house.