Grilled Pacific Saury Sushi with Black Rice

Grilled Pacific Saury Sushi with Black Rice

This beautiful looking dish is actually quite easy to prepare. The aromatic grilling pacific saury is irresistible, especially when matched with glossy, polished-looking black rice.

Ingredients: About 8 sushi, or 2 servings (using 1 rice cooker cup of rice with a little bit left over)

[for the fish topping]
Pacific saury, sashimi quality
a small amount
[for the sushi rice]
White rice
1 rice cooker cup (180 ml uncooked)
Black rice
3 tablespoons
1 x 5-cm-square
1 tablespoon
Sushi vinegar
as needed
[Others for garnish]
Grated daikon radish
Okahijiki (type of saltwort)
Shiso seeds
Kabosu citrus


1. Make the sushi rice. Mix about 3 tablespoons of black rice and 1 tablespoon of sake with 180 ml of uncooked white rice. Add konbu seaweed to the rice cooker and set to cook.
2. Transfer the cooked rice into a large bowl and drizzle the sushi vinegar. Let rest for about 10 seconds to allow the rice to absorb the vinegar (use a sushi rice tub if available).
3. Mix the rice well with a cutting motion and cool down with a fan at the same time. After it's cooled down, cover with a moistened tea towel on top to keep the rice moist and soft.
4. The aroma of grilled Pacific saury is irresistible. I like aji (horse mackerel) seared quickly, but I like pacific saury grilled well.
5. Since the fish will be grilled, it's fine to use leftover fish on sale at the end of the day. Whenever I find special offers, I always buy several to freeze.
6. Rinse the fish and sprinkle with salt. Leave to stand for a while to get rid of the fishy smell. Salting helps remove the fishy smell.
7. Rinse the fish gently and pat dry. Let's start grilling.
8. If you have fresh fish, you could sear the surface with a blow torch.
9. Otherwise, you can use your grill.
10. After grilling, slice the flesh on the diagonal and top with the sushi rice to make nigiri sushi. Plate and serve!
11. I put kabosu citrus, cooked okahijiki, grated daikon radish and shisho seeds next to the sushi.
12. This sushi rice made with black rice looks beautiful, doesn't it?
13. Squeeze the kabosu citrus and sprinkle with a little soy sauce. Have a bite!
14. The sushi rice with black rice changes its colour immediately when mixed in with vinegar. The rice is packed with color as well as flavor.

Story Behind this Recipe

Black rice is so beautiful!