Cut-out Party Sandwiches

Cut-out Party Sandwiches

Just cut out some shapes using bento food cutters (or canape cutters) from the 100 yen shop (the equivalent of a dollar store in Japan) and make sandwiches with your favorite jam. You can make really cute sandwiches in no time.

Ingredients: 4~5 servings

Sandwich bread (thin slices)
10~14 slices
Strawberry jam
to taste
Blueberry jam
to taste
Custard Cream
to taste
Chocolate custard (or chocolate spread)
to taste


1. Stack two slices of bread at a time and cut all the bread into quarters. Cut each of the upper slices with small bento food cutters.
2. Spread the jam of your choice or cream on the bottom, uncut slices, then top with the cut out slices.
3. Okay, you're done! It's a big hit on my home at lunch, for picnics, and for parties.
4. To make the spiral ham sandwiches, spread one slice of bread with butter, top with nori seaweed and ham, and roll them up. Wrap in plastic wrap until the bread and filling have settled, then slice.

Story Behind this Recipe

These are a family favorite to bring along on picnics. They're quick, easy, and oh so cute!