This is Cheap! Unpretentious Fried Meat Skewers with Fresh Ginger

This is Cheap! Unpretentious Fried Meat Skewers with Fresh Ginger

You can have fried meat skewers whenever you like if you skew pork offcuts! The fresh ginger is not that spicy for some reason!

Ingredients: 8 sticks

Pork offcuts
Fresh Ginger (ginger leaf net weight)
100g~as much as you like
Salt and pepper
An appropriate strong amount
Tempura flour
1/2 cup
3/4 cup
as needed
Frying oil
About 2~3 cm in the bottom of the pot


1. Use 15cm round skewers. Cut the only longer portions of the pork roast, and strongly coat in salt and pepper. Cut the fresh ginger into large bite-sized pieces.
2. Prepare a deep glass. Add water to the tempura flour, and mix well without letting it clump up. This will run out rich and thick. Prepare the panko.
3. Skewer a piece of ginger to 3 cm before the end of the stick, and use as a stopper for the meat. Roll up the meat, and stick with the skewer. Tuck the smaller bits inside.
4. Fill the skewer up until there is 1 cm remaining, and secure the ends with pieces of fresh ginger. If you have leftover ginger, then you can make a skewer with just the ginger .
5. Tilt the glass sideways, coat just the ingredients in the batter, and coat in panko.
6. Add 2~3cm of oil to the bottom of a pot, heat it to 355F/180C, and fry until golden brown. It's done . You can fry about 3 skewers in an 18 cm pot.
7. Enjoy with Japanese Worcestershire-style sauce.

Story Behind this Recipe

Wrapping the fresh ginger with meat is a lot of work... so why not cut it into chunks instead?!