The Perfect Christmas Cookie House

The Perfect Christmas Cookie House

You can easily make a cookie house with store-bought sweets. Since Christmas is approaching, it might be fun to construct this with your family.

Ingredients: 1 cookie house

Wafers (for walls and the floor)
about 17-20
Cigarette russe (large and small)
10 large, 15-20 small
Round cookies (for the windows)
Square cookie (for the door)
Chocolate writing pens (for gluing)
Powdered sugar (for snow on the roof)
a small amount
Mini baumkuchen
Wafers (long, if possible)
About 10-14


1. When you are making this, it's easier to work on cardboard. Soak the chocolate writing pens in hot water to soften.
2. Arrange 5 pieces of wafers for the floor, and glue with the chocolate pen. Stand 4 wafers up on each side of the floor. Glue with the pen one by one.
3. When all the walls are up, arrange the wafers for the roof. Place them so that the roof extends out past the walls a bit, then glue to secure.
4. Lay the cigarette russe on the roof one by one. Alternately use one large one, then two small ones. Glue them well to secure.
5. Stick the door and put the windows on the other 3 walls. Let it sit in somewhere cool or in the fridge to harden.
6. Transfer to a decorative plate, sprinkle on powdered sugar for snow, and it's done!