Curry Mayo Cabbage and Chikuwa Steamed in a Tajine Pot

Curry Mayo Cabbage and Chikuwa Steamed in a Tajine Pot

You'll be done in 10 minutes. Quickly steam-cooking this dish adds to the tenderness of the chikuwa.

Ingredients: 2 people

150 g
Fried Chikuwa
1 stick (about 75 g)
Mizuna greens
to taste
Seasoning ingredients:
1/2 tablespoon
1/2~1 tablespoon
Curry powder
1 teaspoon
a pinch


1. Roughly chop the cabbage. Cut the chikuwa in half vertically, and then chop into chunks.
2. After thoroughly mixing the flavoring ingredients together in a bowl, add the cabbage. After thoroughly coating in the mixture, add the chikuwa and stir together.
3. Add the ingredients to a Tajine pot, and cook over low medium heat. After the cabbage has wilted, add chopped 4 cm mizuna greens, turn off the heat, and steam-cook.
4. I like cabbage to have a bit of texture when I bite into it, so I cook for 5 minutes. I then let it sit after steam-cooking until I am ready to eat it. Cook it for as long as you like.
5. Mix it up from the bottom of the pot when you are ready to eat, and season with salt and pepper (not listed) to taste, and enjoy.
6. This time I used thick and springy fried chikuwa flavored with Konbu/Katsuo.

Story Behind this Recipe

The baked chikuwa is cooked to tender perfection. By baking them in a covered pan, their flavor will seep into the other ingredients.