Shiso and Cheese Filled Tonkatsu Rolls

Shiso and Cheese Filled Tonkatsu Rolls

The cheese oozes out from the center. Cheese and shiso leaves really go well together. Firmly roll these up and have them for dinner.
Roll them up small and pack in a bento.

Ingredients: 2 servings

Thinly sliced pork
6~12 slices
Shiso leaves
6 leaves
Processed cheese
3 (out of a 6 pack)
Salt and pepper (for seasoning)
A small amount
Plain flour
as needed
as needed
Tonkatsu sauce
As desired
Tip: These roll up small if you use 1 slice. Make them heartier by rolling 2 slices of meat, which I always do.


1. Cut the pork sinews, pound the sinew with the back of a knife, and cut the cheese cubes in half.
2. Place a shiso leaf on top of the pork meat, place the cheese on top, and roll it up tightly. Squeeze both ends as you roll so that the cheese does not come out the sides.
3. Coat the rolls from Step 2 in flour, whisked eggs, and panko in that order.
4. Fry in medium heat oil, take them out temporarily once you feel they have fried enough, turn the heat to high, and fry again; this will make them crisp.

Story Behind this Recipe

My family loves fried pork.
This cheese tonkatsu recipe is their favorite.