Character Bento Acorn Boys with Wiener Sausages

Character Bento Acorn Boys with Wiener Sausages

This is a great lunchbox addition for kids who love picking up acorns These unique acorn boys look so cute lined up on a shallow bed of cooked rice.

Ingredients: yields 6 acorn boys

Wiener sausages
Cheese balls
Black sesame seeds


1. Cut the wiener sausages in half. Make a mouth by making a shallow cut into the top of the sausage. Pierce the sausage twice to create 2 eye sockets.
2. Cook the sausages in a frying pan.
3. Cut some cheese balls and some meat balls in half.
4. Once the sausages have cooled, stick a pair of black sesame seeds into each sausage (pointy ends first), where you previously prepare the eye sockets.
5. Stick half a cheese ball or meatball on each toothpick, followed by a wiener sausage and they're ready.
6. Lining up these sausages on rice makes for a very cute lunchbox.
7. Here's a family of acorn people. I've changed the order of where the wiener and cheese or meatball comes on the toothpick on some. They all look very cute.

Story Behind this Recipe

My kids always pick up a lot of acorns when they go on school trips to train for sports, so this time I tried packing them in their lunchbox.