Potato Mochi Dumplings with Cheese

Potato Mochi Dumplings with Cheese

Sticky and dense potato dumplings are filled with melty gooey cheese. Try this as a snack or a drinking appetizer.

Ingredients: 4 dumplings

2 (200 g)
4 tablespoons
1/2 teaspoon
Butter (or margarine)
2 tablespoons
Pizza cheese
To taste


1. Peel the potatoes and boil until a skewer pierces through easily. Mash right away. Add the katakuriko and salt and mix and knead well.
2. Knead until it's no longer floury and it's moist and smooth. Divide into 4 portions, and form into oval shaped dumplings with a piece of cheese in the middle.
3. Heat 2 tablespoons of butter in a pan, and cook the dumplings for 2 minutes on both sides. Cover with a lid for the last minute to steam-cook, and they're done.
4. Try the variation that omits the cheese and is coated with soy sauce. Recipe ID: 2008948

Story Behind this Recipe

I had something like this cheese-filled potato dumpling at an izakaya (Japanese gastropub), and it was delicious so I decided to recreate it.