Moist Kabocha Madeleines for Halloween

Moist Kabocha Madeleines for Halloween

Kabocha squash sweets are really cute! These cakes are packed full of kabocha paste.

Ingredients: 12 cakes

50 g
White flour
50 g
Baking powder
1/3 teaspoon
50 g
Kabocha squash
50 g
1/2 teaspoon
Vanilla beans or vanilla essense
To taste


1. Grease the moulds with butter (not listed) and dust with flour.
2. Peel the kabocha, microwave to soften and then blend in a food processor. Sift the flour and baking powder, and melt the butter.
3. Mix the egg and sugar, then add the kabocha and mix some more. Add the vanilla beans, rum, sifted flour and mix, making sure you don't knead it. Finally, add the melted butter.
4. When you've added the butter, mix it all evenly. Leave it in the fridge for 2-3 hours then pour into the moulds and bake for 15 minutes at 360F/180C.

Story Behind this Recipe

It's Halloween so I thought, why not make kabocha desserts?