Fluffy and Crisp Whole Wheat Rum Raisin Bread

Fluffy and Crisp Whole Wheat Rum Raisin Bread

You'll get hooked on the lightly sweetened and delicate fragrance of the rum raisins. It's great as a snack and goes well with wine. This is a thin loaf, but feel free to make rolls, too.

Ingredients: 1 regular thin loaf or 6-8 rolls

Bread (strong) flour
90 g
Whole wheat flour (can be replaced with strong bread flour)
35 g
2 g
Skim milk powder
5 g
20 g
Lukewarm water
60 ml
Dry yeast
2 g
8 g
Condensed milk
5 ml
Unsalted butter
7 g
50 g
Rum (or warm water instead)
1 teaspoon
Double all ingredients for 1 regular sized loaf
If you want to see how to make bread to the first proofing, see (Recipe ID:1226602). Just for your reference.
If using a bread machine, add butter once the it has been kneaded so that the gluten can form first.


1. If using the standard bread dough recipe for up to the first proofing, please note that the ingredients and measurements are different. Add the condensed milk with the flour.
2. During the first proofing, make the rum raisin mix. If omitting rum, soak the raisins in warm water to make them soft.
3. At the same time, grease the loaf pan with shortening, butter or vegetable oil, etc.
4. When the first proofing is finished, release the gas from it, form it into a ball, and let rest for 15 minutes. If you are going to make rolls, form them into rolls now.
5. After letting it rest for 15 minutes, spread out the dough into a rectangle, and sprinkle the rum raisins on evenly. Leave 2 cm at the edge.
6. Start rolling the dough. Roll it tightly without letting air in. Pinch the ends firmly when finished rolling.
7. If using a loaf pan, put the dough seam side down into the pan. The second proofing can be done in an oven or by covering the dough with plastic wrap, and letting it sit in a warm place about 30℃ for 40 minutes.
8. If using oven to proof, take it out a little early. Cover with plastic wrap and let it finish proofing at room temperature. Preheat oven to 210℃.
9. Check to see how much the dough has risen during the second proofing. If making a loaf, it should rise to between 80 and 90% of the pan. If it is ready, put the lid on and bake for 20-25 minutes at 210℃.
10. If making rolls, bake for 12 minutes at 210℃. If making a regular loaf, bake for 12 minutes at 210℃ , then 15 minutes at 190℃.
11. This was baked for 20 minutes at 210℃. If you want it browner, bake for a few minutes longer. Don't bake it for too long.
12. The raisins aren't kneaded into the bread, so they make an even pattern in the bread.
13. If not using a loaf pan at Step 6, cut the rolled dough into 8 equal parts. Put the cut side up into aluminum cups, so you'll be able to see the spiral pattern.

Story Behind this Recipe

I love raisin bread, so I've tried making many original recipes. I found the perfect dough for rum raisins. It's really good cooled down and as it is, or warmed up in the toaster, it smells so good. You can put cream cheese on it, and it goes well with alcohol. It's my favourite standard bread.