[Farmhouse Recipe] Potato Croquettes

[Farmhouse Recipe] Potato Croquettes

Substitute white flour and egg with tempura flour for easy mess-free croquettes. These are similar to cream croquettes.

Ingredients: 6 small

200 g
2 tablespoons
2 tablespoons
a small amount each
a small amount each
Equal portion of tempura flour and water (1:1)
to your liking
to your liking


1. Peel the potato skins and cut into large chunks. Boil until a bamboo skewer can pierce through.
2. When the potatoes are boiled through, mash. Stir in the milk and mix over medium heat for 1 minute.
3. Add the butter and knead the mixture for another minute. Add the salt and pepper. Let the mixture cool.
4. Once the potato mixture is cooled, mould into croquette patties. Using a small spoon, coat each with tempura flour using a small spoon.
5. Roll the croquettes in the panko. I use fine crumbs of panko. Because the tempura flour doesn't get on my hands, the panko doesn't stick to my hands either.
6. Fry the croquettes at 360-390°F/180-200°C for about 1.5-2 minutes.
7. This version is with corn kernels.
8. I also added corned beef. It was quite tasty, but it has a high risk of exploding from the oil.

Story Behind this Recipe

I've substituted the process of dredging the patties in white flour, egg and panko by using tempura flour instead to save time.