A Simple Christmas Cake (that even Santa will love)

A Simple Christmas Cake (that even Santa will love)

This is a super easy decorated cake that doesn't need any sponge cake and is made up of reasonable ingredients! Anyone can have fun making this!

Ingredients: 2 trees

Whipped cream
100 ml
Kiwi fruit
as needed
as needed
Silver dragées
as desired
Shiny sugar
as desired
Choose your toppings as you like


1. Make 3 thick pancakes and use star cutters to cut out stars from large size to small. If you don't have star cutters, then make 7 pancakes for each tree, from a large one and smaller and smaller to the smallest.
2. Add your desired amount of sugar to the heavy cream and beat until it reaches the soft peaks stage. Prepare the fruit and the toppings.
3. Put some of the whipped cream on each of the stars and stack them up.
4. If the cream squishes out a bit at the sides, it looks like snow and gives a surface for the toppings to cling to.
5. Last, garnish with a festive pick. If you try to stick it in through all of it, it will collapse, so just stick it through the top two layers.
6. You have two trees ready to be decorated as you like! This one has a ribbon pick!
7. [Variation] You can also use the cream cheese frosting from (Recipe ID: 1314546)
8. I also made a wreath version. (Recipe ID: 15790979)
9. You can also make a tree from broccoli. (Recipe ID: 1289312)
10. Have some of this with your tree! Nutella Cafe Latte (Recipe ID: 1241393)

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to make something a bit lighter than a regular cake, so I made this using pancakes and simple items from the 100 yen shop. It looks like it has snow, so it's very Christmas-like.