Old Fashioned Bread Rolls

Old Fashioned Bread Rolls

These are bread rolls that have a simple flavor.
You can eat them as is, or as a sandwich.
There are many different ways that you can use them.
You should definitely try making these at least once.

Ingredients: Makes 8 small rolls

Bread (strong) flour
200 g
Cake flour
50 g
20 g
3 g
Dry yeast
3 g
Milk (30 g of a beaten egg and the milk combined)
160-180 g
25 g


1. Put both flours in a bowl with the sugar and yeast on one side and the salt on the other. Warm the milk until warm to the touch and add it on the side with the yeast mixing gently.
2. Once it's no longer floury, transfer the dough to a working surface. (Using the palms of your hands, flatten the dough.) Once you have kneaded the dough for ten minutes, add in the margarine and knead again.
3. Once it's glossy and the dough has all come together, stretch the surface of the dough from top to bottom. Roll the dough back up tightly, close the bottom seam and put it back into the bowl.
4. Cover the bowl with a damp paper towel and plastic wrap, set your oven to the bread proofing setting (40℃) and let the dough rise for 40 minutes.
5. Once the dough it done rising, punch the dough down and divide into 8 portions.
6. Make each one of them into a ball, cover them once again with a damp paper towel and plastic wrap, and let them sit for 15 minutes.
7. Once they are done, roll the dough out into rectangles.
8. From the bottom, roll the dough up.
9. Once you are done rolling the dough, tightly close the ends, and put them on a baking tray lined with parchment paper.
10. Cover them with a damp paper towel and plastic wrap and put them in your oven on the bread proofing setting (40℃) to rise again.
11. Bake them for 17 minutes at 190℃ and they're done.
12. You can shape them into a slightly larger 6 portion batch. They can easily be filled with egg salad made in the microwave.

Story Behind this Recipe

I thought of making old fashioned bread rolls.