Frozen Futomaki Fat Sushi Rolls for Sports Festivals or Setsubun

Frozen Futomaki Fat Sushi Rolls for Sports Festivals or Setsubun

If you make futomaki (fat sushi rolls) the day before and freeze them, you just have to pack them and let them thaw throughout the following day! This way, you can take it a bit easier in the morning! Use them as ehoumaki (lucky direction rolls) on Setsubun.

Ingredients: 3 fat rolls

White uncooked rice
2 rice cooker cups (360 ml)
Nori seaweed, whole sheets
3 sheets
☆ Vinegar
2 tablespoons (or 4 tablespoons if you're not using the ume vinegar listed below)
☆ Ume vinegar
2 tablespoons
☆ Sugar
3 tablespoons
☆ Salt
1/4 teaspoon
Egg, crab sticks, green beans etc.
as much as you like


1. I used ume vinegar to make slightly pink colored sushi rolls. If you don't have any ume vinegar just 4 tablespoons of regular vinegar.
2. Cook the rice. Mix the ☆ ingredients together. Swirl the ☆ ingredients onto the hot cooked rice, and mix it in using a cutting motion to make the sushi rice. Cool the rice down.
3. While the rice cools, make the fillings ready. You can use cooked egg, crabsticks, green beans, spinach, carrots, sakura denbu (pink dyed flaked sweetened codfish), canned tuna or anything you like.
4. Put a sheet of nori on a sushi mat and spread sushi rice on it thinly. Leave a 2 cm gap on the top edge. Put on the filling ingredients and roll it all up.
5. Leave the roll with the seam side down for a while to let it settle.
6. Don't try to cut through in one motion. Use a sawing motion. Keep a moistened paper towel nearby and wipe the blade between each cut.
7. Wrap each cut roll in plastic wrap, and freeze.
8. On the day you need them, defrost each roll for 2 and a half minutes at 500 W, then leave with the wrap on for 20 to 30 minutes. Make the other things to pack in the bento box in the meantime. Pack everything in the bento box and it's done.

Story Behind this Recipe

Mothers are very busy with this and that on the morning of sports events at school. I wanted to make it easy as possible to prepare a delicious lunchbox for those days.
These rolls work great as ehoumaki (lucky direction rolls) on Setsubun (the first day of spring).