Osaka Okonomiyaki

Osaka Okonomiyaki

This is a recipe from Osaka where I grew up. I love okonomiyaki and have a lot of confidence in this recipe.

Ingredients: 4 servings

350 g (cut into 4-5 cm length strips)
Thinly sliced pork belly
200-250 g (leave 4 slices as-is, and cut the rest into 2-3 cm width strips)
150 g (cut into 1cm thick x3 cm long strips)
Tempura crumbs
80 g
Red pickled ginger
60-80 g
Green onions or scallions
2 or 3 stalks (thinly sliced)
☆Plain white flour
150 g
150 g (grated)
☆Dashi stock
200 ml
30 g
2 tablespoons
1/2 teaspoon
Okonomiyaki sauce, mayonnaise, aonori, bonito flakes
to taste


1. Add the ☆ ingredients to a bowl and mix together. Crack an egg into the bowl, and lightly mix it in.
2. Set aside the 4 strips of pork meat; add the rest of the pork, the cabbage, squid, tempura crumbs, red ginger, and green onions into the bowl from step 1, and mix it all together evenly.
3. Heat up a frying pan or an electric griddle, divide the dough among the number of people, and cook them up so that they are a soft, fluffy circle.
4. Place one slice of pork one top of each individual serving. After 2-3 minutes has passed and it has browned on one side, flip it over, lower the heat a bit, and cook for 3 more minutes.
5. Arrange onto plates after it has cooked through to the center, and top it with sauce, mayonnaise, bonito flakes, and aonori; then you are done.

Story Behind this Recipe

This is how it has turned out after making it for several years.