Simple Hiroshima-style Okonomiyaki in a Frying Pan

Simple Hiroshima-style Okonomiyaki in a Frying Pan

It looks difficult at first glance, but this Hiroshima-style Okonomiyaki is.
Using just a frying pan, it's perfect for a single lunch!
After much trial and error, I finally succeeded in this recipe.

Ingredients: Makes enough to fill up one adult

■ Fillings ■
2~3 large leaves (130-150 g)
Green onions
1-2 stalks, cut into small pieces
Tempura crumbs
a handful
Bean sprouts
a handful
Thinly sliced pork belly
3 slices
Chinese-style noodles + salt, pepper + okonomiyaki sauce
1 bunch (or 1/2 bunch) + as needed
■ Batter ■
3 tablespoons
2 tablespoons
Fine bonito powder
a pinch
■ Finishing Touches ■
Okonomiyaki sauce
a generous amount
Aonori, bonito flakes, mayonnaise
to taste ♪
== Supplements ========
※If you don't have Chinese style noodles:
A trick ★ Recipe ID: 896386
If you don't have bonito powder, use dried bonito flakes or bonito soup stock
substitute with whatever you have


1. Even though I am from Hiroshima... The order to layer the filler ingredients is difficult and I often mess up while flipping. My procedure will make these problems disappear.
2. Use a small frying pan. Also, since you'll use a microwave, the cooking time is shortened compared to the time consuming okonomiyaki.
3. (Prep) Shred the cabbage and with bean sprouts and microwave for 3 minutes. Since every microwave is different, when the vegetables are semi-transparent, they are done.
4. (Prep) Untangle the Chinese noodles and season with salt and pepper. Top with the okonomiyaki sauce and microwave for 2 minutes.
5. (Prep) Mix the ◎ ingredients for the batter well. In the oiled, heated frying pan, spread out the batter very very thinly and cook.
6. ※ When the batter is spread out, sprinkle with bonito powder. If you don't have bonito powder, dried bonito flakes or bonito soup stock is okay.
7. (Prep) Once both sides of the batter has been cooked, remove to a plate.
8. (Prep) Lastly, cook the pork. When both sides have cooked, place uniformly onto a plate. The prep work is done.
9. Begin cooking: Keeping the heat at medium-low, break an egg into the frying pan and spread out the yolk.
10. When the surface of the egg is halfway cooked, add the noodles --> pork --> tempura crumbs --> onion --> cabbage --> batter (with the bonito powder on the bottom) in order and steam a little.
11. Cover the frying pan with a plate bigger than the pan and in one...two...go! Flip it over.
12. Afterwards, spread a lot of sauce, aonori, bonito flakes and mayonnaise, and enjoy.
13. If you can't get the batter to cook well in Step 5, use a Teflon pan, heat oil, and don't touch it until it has cooked through.
14. ◆Addition◆ Since the oil rendered from the pork in Step 8 has flavor, use it for cooking the egg in Step 9!
15. ◆Important Addition◆ While cooking the egg in Step 9, to prevent sticking, stick your chopsticks underneath to loosen when it has cooked halfway through.
16. ◆Addition◆ In Step 11, when I flipped it, the egg got stuck! Leave it flipped for a short time! The steam will naturally release the egg slowly.
17. ◆Local Information◆ In Hiroshima, Okonomiyaki with noodles is pretty famous, but there's also okonomiyaki without soba, and okonomiyaki with udon. Use whatever you like.

Story Behind this Recipe

Even when I lived in Germany, I always had Okonomiyaki sauce But! I don't have an electric hotplate, so I had to make them Kansai style. Boo! If you're from Hiroshima, you have to make it Hiroshima style.
After trying for 3 months, I finally succeeded.