Tempura Crumbs with Dried Shrimp

Tempura Crumbs with Dried Shrimp

These are tempura crumbs with dried shrimp.
Use to make takoyaki or okonomiyaki!


Dried shrimp
5 g
Plain flour
40 g
100 ml
Ice cube


1. Lightly dry roast the dried shrimp in a frying pan until crisp.
2. Lightly grind the dried shrimp with a mortar and pestle.
3. Combine the dried shrimp, flour, and water, and briefly mix. Lumps are fine. Add the ice cube to chill the batter.
4. In a wide frying pan, add about 1 cm of oil, and heat to 180°C. Pour the batter into the oil through a slotted spoon. Be careful of the spattering oil.
5. Deep fry to a crisp, drain onto a paper towel, then it's done!
6. Scatter on okonomiyaki! Recipe ID: 904977.
7. Or on Takoyaki! Recipe ID: 1019036.

Story Behind this Recipe

Use in takoyaki or okonomiyaki.