Salmon Tofu

Salmon Tofu

This is a salmon version of meat and tofu. I simmered the salmon and tofu together. You can make it easily in a frying pan. A healthy and filling dish.

Ingredients: 2-3 servings

Raw salmon
2 pieces
Firm tofu
1 block
Dashi stock
a bit less than 1 cup or 200 ml
1 tablespoon
2 tablespoons
Soy sauce
2 1/2 tablespoons
Fresh ginger (thinly sliced)
2 slices


1. Lightly drain off the water from the tofu and slice into bite-sized pieces. Slice the onion thinly lengthwise with the grain, and cut the carrot in half lengthwise then slice thinly into half-moon shapes.
2. Put the dashi, sake, mirin, soy sauce and ginger slices into a frying pan, add the onion and carrot, and turn on the heat.
3. When it comes to a boil add the salmon and tofu, put on a lid and simmer for about 10 minutes at low-medium heat. (After about 5 minutes, take the lid off the turn the salmon over.)
4. Turn off the heat and let it sit for a while to allow the flavors to be absorbed.

Story Behind this Recipe

I combined the fall salmon that's in season now with tofu to come up with this hearty dish.