Easily Chop Green Onions Using a Fork

Easily Chop Green Onions Using a Fork

By using a fork, it's super easy. You can quickly and easily chop green onions up. Give it a try.


Green onion or scallion
as desired


1. Use a rather large fork. I prefer a slightly thick fork.
2. Pierce the green onion with the fork. It's okay if it only pierces halfway through.
3. Slide the fork down to the end of the green onion, moving it side to side as you go. Flip it over and repeat with the other half.
4. Now, it's like threads. At this point, it's great for shredded white leeks, too by making thinner threads.
5. Now, just cut through the threads.
6. See, it's so easy!

Story Behind this Recipe

Usually, I shred the green onions with a knife, but I found that using a fork is much faster.