Marmalade Flavored Frozen Yogurt

Marmalade Flavored Frozen Yogurt

This recipe is for marmalade flavored frozen yogurt. It uses well drained yogurt and tastes like refreshing cream cheese ice cream. Yummy! And so easy too.


Plain Yogurt (drained)
Heavy cream
Marmalade jam
Condensed Milk


1. Place a colander lined with paper towels in a bowl. Place the yogurt on top of the paper towels and leave overnight to drain. 450g of yogurt will reduce by half to about 210g.
2. Combine heavy cream and marmalade jam together in a bowl and whip together with a whisk or mixer. The jam makes it thicken quickly.
3. When soft peaks form, add the condensed milk and whip more. When soft peaks have formed once more, add the drained yogurt and mix it all together well.
4. Pour the mixture into a shallow container and flatten. Use plastic wrap to cover the container well and chill in the freezer. After that, it'll be all done once it hardens. I left it in the freezer for one night.
5. Don't worry, it stays soft even if you don't mix it while freezing. But if you want it to freeze and harden quickly, it might be best to mix it up occasionally.
6. Even if it gets pretty hard, once you take it out it will soften up quickly, which makes it easy to serve.
7. This refreshing and rich marmalade flavor is just absolutely delicious It tastes like cream cheese ice cream.
8. When it starts to melt a little bit you can enjoy both the creamy and icy feel of the frozen yogurt and it's delicious.
9. You can add chocolate chips too.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to make a chilled dessert using drained yogurt. I had a lot of extra marmalade jam and thought it would taste good as frozen yogurt so I tried it. It turned out even better than expected.