Sesame and Vinegar Natto

Sesame and Vinegar Natto

A combination of natto, sesame and vinegar to eat with rice. Eat this every day and it will cleanse your body from the inside.


1 pack
Ground sesame seeds
1 tablespoon
Vinegar (any)
1 tablespoon
Natto pack sauce / mustard
Topping of your choice
Green onion, bonito fish flakes, etc.


1. Put all the ingredients in a container, mix well, and it's done.
2. Use ground sesame seeds if possible. They are good for digestion.
3. For reference: If you pour the vinegar on the natto and let it sit for over 15 minutes, the natto will absorb the vinegar and it will be easier to mix. I do this when I am preparing dinner.

Story Behind this Recipe

I have this every day, and I feel really healthy, so I uploaded it here.