Okara & Bitter Cocoa Orange Biscotti

Okara & Bitter Cocoa Orange Biscotti

These are made with pure cocoa for a bitter mature taste with candied orange peel as an accent. These okara cookies are oil-free and healthy.

Ingredients: 1 baking tray

Fresh okara
100 g
*Cake flour
90 g
*Cocoa powder
15 g
*Cane sugar
40 g
*Baking powder
1 teaspoon (3 g)
a small pinch
1 small (about 50 g)
◎Marmalade jam
30 g
◎Orange liquour (Grand Marnier, etc.)
1 teaspoon
Candied orange peel
10 g


1. Place the * ingredients into a plastic baggie and shake to combine. Then add the okara and shake to mix together while breaking clumps.
2. Combine the egg and ◎ ingredients well and then add to the bag from Step 1. Add the roughly chopped candied orange peel. Refer to Helpful Hints.
3. Place the dough on a parchment lined baking tray. Spread it out into a 12 x 25 cm, rectangular mound with the center rounded out.
4. It will be easy to shape if your hands are wet.
5. Bake for 20 minutes on the top rack of a preheated 180°C oven.
6. Remove and let cool. While the dough is still warm, cut into 1 cm wide sticks. Line them up on the baking tray.
7. Lower the oven temperature to 160°C and bake each side for 10 minutes for a total baking (dehydrating) time of 20 minutes. Let cool on the baking tray.
8. These get soft easily, so please store them in an air-tight container. If they have become soft, heat them up in the toaster oven to make them crunchy again.
9. When compared to egg-free biscotti, the dough was somewhat soft and easy to cut.
10. If you like even crunchier cookies, I recommend trying Recipe ID: 1390397 "Crunchy Cocoa Okara Sticks"

Story Behind this Recipe

These are biscotti that use egg in the dough.
When compared to the egg-free recipe (Recipe ID: 1221691), this soft dough tasted better.