Easy Candied Chestnuts

Easy Candied Chestnuts

The chestnut season has arrived! Start by making a trial size amount.


Peeled chestnuts (raw)
150 g
70 g (Approx 1/2 the amount of the chestnuts)
Enough to soak the chestnuts


1. Peel the chestnuts. (See Recipe ID: 122152)
2. Weigh the chestnuts and sugar, and put in a small pan. Pour in enough water to cover the chestnuts and simmer over low heat. If any scum appears, remove it quickly.
3. Fill a jar which has been sterilized with boiling water up to the top and put the lid on. Then you're done!
4. They have a nice, dense sweetness.
5. You can't go wrong if you use these in desserts, bread or baked goods.

Story Behind this Recipe

When autumn comes, everyone in my house waits for me to make something with chestnuts. So, I make this first.